Nov 5, 2014

Micro bangs: 12 retro celebrity looks that will inspire your next cut

Originally Published in Fashion Magazine

Bluntly cut micro bangs have cycled in and out of trend for decades, yet they’re admittedly difficult to pull off. While visions of pin-up girls and Beyonce’s newly chopped fringe come to mind, poorly cut micro bangs can resemble the “pudding basin” fringe of late medieval period. Similarly, they can end up looking like Hannah Horvath’s fringe on Girls, after she misguidedly snipped her own bangs in front of the mirror and admitted, “Okay, I didn’t really want to cut that piece.”

Oct 22, 2014

15 minutes with The Kip’s chalkboard artist Rajiv Surendra

Originally published on The Kip District's blog.

Chalkboard artist and calligrapher Rajiv Surendra added his artistic touch to one of the walls at The Kip District’s Presentation Centre. We caught up with the Toronto-born and New York-based artist to chat about the growing art form.

52: How did you start working with The Kip District?

RS: Susan from the design agency reached out. She talked about the appeal of the space and sent me some layouts and renderings, along with the logo. I did a couple pencil sketches before starting on the wall. She was there the whole day and had suggestions of what she wanted too, so I added or moved things around before we both settled on the final design. The nice part is, I can erase it and try it again so we end up with something we’re all very happy with.

Jul 22, 2014

10 minutes with illustrator Alanna Cavanagh

Originally published on The Kip District's blog.

Artist Alanna Cavanagh brings The Kip District to life with her city-chic illustrations of Eloise and friends. The Torontonian has worked with The New York Times, HBC, Swiss Miss, Crane & Co. and a ton more. She came on board to give a distinct look to a distinct project and we caught up with her to talk about the process.

52: Let’s start at the beginning. How did you come on board with The Kip?

Alanna Cavanagh: I’ve been in the business for over 15 years and Susan [from the design agency] knew I was known for drawing city people in their natural habitats—women enjoying lattes in a café or guys biking with their courier bag. Given the project, she thought I would be a good fit!

52: Have you enjoyed the creative process so far?

AC: I just love it! I’m a city gal myself and I’m always on the streetcar. I just love Concert’s designs. When I got the call from my agent saying they were interested for The Kip District I was thrilled because I love working with people who appreciate beautiful typography and design.

May 13, 2014

How my straitlaced parents found joy in becoming ‘pickers’

Originally published in The Globe and Mail

It wasn’t until I went for a walk with my parents one sunny afternoon that I realized the peculiarity of my living situation. I was helping my mom inconspicuously swipe an old chair from a neighbour’s garbage pile that she planned to dust off and sell on Kijiji for $15. My fiftysomething dad pedalled furiously beside us on a child’s bicycle, bragging about how the wheels were in top shape.

“Now, why would anyone throw this out? Just, why?” he asked us. I couldn’t answer his question sufficiently and the injustice of the bike’s near fate was too much for him to handle. He humorously cycled back toward our well-manicured Mississauga lawn, huffing and puffing (presumably half from the sheer exhaustion of pedalling a kid’s bicycle and half from his mild distaste that its previous owner didn’t see its value). He later sold the bike to his trusted “bike dealer” for $50.

This anecdote is just one of many. While some parents take up golf after retirement, mine identify as “pickers” – an occupation that combines dumpster diving, auction hunting and antique selling all at once. In fact, my dad was directly inspired to take up the hobby after he retired from the post office and binged through the first season of the A&E show Storage Wars, in his man cave.